Explicit Clips & Images For Sell

These are special photo/video shoots that include everything from me stripping and also posing in explicit positions; like completely spreading my legs and my "kitty". You will never see any of this content in the member's section, but you'll have the opportunity to collect them all individually as downloadable content.

Each photo/video shoot is a separate purchase and is not included with the regular membership of my website. You will never need to be a member of my site to perform any of these transactions.

Also, if you buy any downloadable content, you will be given 1 DAY access to my member's only section!! xoxo

(P.S. Please only purchase this content from a PC or Mac, they're NOT mobile device friendly.)

Zipset: Dora Unleashed!!

HD Video: 3 Mins.

Description: This is the beginning of new changes for both me & my website, I will be pushing myself to the limits of sexual pleasure. This is the first video of many more to come... Please enjoy, my beautiful journey :)

Zipset: Military Zone

Video: 1 min. Photos: 15 images

Description: Oops!! Looks like I've wandered into a forbidden military zone and I hope I don't get caught being naughty in my army fatigues hehe...This combo set comes with a sexy teaser video as well as images :)

Zipset: Dream Girl Margo (HD Quality)

Video: 3 mins & 15 secs Photos: 35 images

Description: Margo is one of my petite Dream Girls and knows how to have fun, while on a boat. She loves to go cruising out in the florida keys nude. With the purchase of this zipset, you get a video plus images.

Zipset: Dream Girl Shana (HD Quality)

Video: 9 mins & 55 secs Photos: 32 images

Description: Shana is one of my favorite Dream Girls because she definitely knows how to enjoy herself in the bedroom as if no one is watching. With the purchase of this zipset, you get a video plus images.

Zipset: Dream Girl Michelle (HD Quality)

Video: 4 mins & 5 secs Photos: 21 images

Description: Cum check out my newest Dream GIrl; watch as Michelle strips on the counter top in order to show off her amazing curves just for you. With the purchase of this zipset, you get a video plus images.

Zipset: Hustler Maid

Photos: 50 images

Description: Looks like I'm cleaning another room for a client, I wonder if he knows that seceretly I'm a sexual hustler that just wants to have fun...


Video: Erotic Fishnet

Length: 5 mins & 23 seconds

Description: Check out my fishnet outfit that I enjoy modeling just for you. In this video, I leave nothing to the imagination and reveal everything to my fans. Download now and have fun watching me.

Video: Double Trouble (HD Quality)

Length: 9 mins & 2 seconds

Description: They say double the fun, double the pleasure. In this video, I'm with my girlfriend Sunshiney just having a great time in boats, my bed, and even in my personal tub. You will really enjoy this one :)

Zipset: Private Kitchen

Photos: 20 images

Description: I was in my kitchen about to bake a cake, when I couldn't find the right tool for the job. I got all sweaty looking around for my supplies that I decided to take off my clothes to cool off. Will you help me bake my cake??

Zipset: Personal Nurse

Photos: 20 images

Description: I'm all dressed up in my nurse outfit and want to heal my clients as gentle as I can but who will be my first client? Download now in order to find out how far I will go to please my clients :)